No-nonsense 2.0 campaigning – The Atheist Busses

Jon Worth, a Brittish blogger and campaigner recently  gave a great presentation at Re:publica in Berlin (the video starts after 5 min.) about the Atheist Bus Campaign. Over a short time span he and a Guardian journalist initiated a project which raised more than 100.000 pounds for adds on busses saying: “There´s probably no God. Stop worrying and enjoy your life” and thereby challenging the growing amount of evangelist commercials in Brittish public space. His talk gives a great insight about how campaigning with online tools work and the need for combining online- and offline organization. Today the project has spread to Spain, Netherlands, Canada, Germany etc.  and thereby proves that a good idea can be reprlicated in different contexts and societies. Jon highlights interestingly enough the coorporation with a traditional (old white males) organization as crucial, as the NGO could provide the facilitation, which made the campaign able to leverage to such a size. An off course don´t forget: “It´s a campaign you can explain over a beer!”