Anyone sceptical about Twitter – please go for #Iranelection

So then it came to us – a large scale social upheveal evolving with twitter as an al important medium of exchange and repporting.

Yesterday we looked a little into blogs and youtube – today we continue with a note on twitter. The Iranian post-election rupture  is my debut on twitter – I just had to take a look at how it was evolving on twitter, and must say that it is totally overwhelming. So, are you puzzled on what to make of twitter – this is the time to check it out. It was big during the Mumbai shootings last year – but this time its really quite extraordinary to see what this extremely simple tools does to spread communication across the globe – in a situation where all established media has been shut down and few else than Robert Fisk and a couple of Al Jazeera journalists remain in the country.

The trick of twitter is the hashtag. This is the most important horisontal organizing concept, whereby people with no prior knowledge of eachother can engage in the same dialogue. For Iran its #Iranelection. By typing this on your twitter-search, you get a constantly expanding tread of links, comments and invitations to engage by individuals all over the world – each minutes the updates are counted in hundreds, and is by all comparisons the number one source for information on what’s going on right now.

If you still doubt the importance of this new tool – how about this: the US state department has asked Twitter to postpone a scheduled maintainance-update, that would have disabled the service for a couple of hours – in order for the flow of information to be kept alive.

So why don’t you get started?, make your own acount and search for #Iranelection and watch the posts come  in second by second.

Need a guide? go for

Additional inspiration and perspective can be found at Clay Shirky recent TED-talk or more specifically at the follow-up blog interview on Iran